Steve Clark

Amorita, OK

I planted approximately 200 acres of igrowth hybrids in 2021, as part of my crop rotation program. While it was dry late in the season, we had enough moisture to get good yields. Pigweed is a big concern, and I appreciate that the igrowth/IMIFLEX system is the best tool I can use to spray broadleaf weeds post-emergent. Weeds steal water and nutrients from the crop — and we need to conserve all the moisture we can. With inputs like they are, igrowth® sorghum and IMIFLEX herbicide are great tools to have.

Scott Weinheimer

Groom, TX

After planting, we had less than ideal conditions consisting of below average rainfall and above normal temperatures. On the 4,500 acres of igrowth® grain sorghum we planted, the 2168IG hybrid was outstanding with high yields, medium height, good drought tolerance and standability. We used a post-emergence application of IMIFLEX herbicide to target grass and broadleaf weeds and achieved excellent control with no crop injury. We practice a sorghum-wheat rotation, so igrowth allows us to add more grain sorghum acres in the rotation without weed issues.

Greg Price

Mullinville, KS

What do I need on the farm? A sorghum that I can spray and kill the weeds would be the main thing. Because I do have, even in the sorghum, I can still have an issue with some weeds. I knew I was going to have a sandbur issue…the IMIFLEX Herbicide just stopped the growth of the sandbur grass.
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CJ Whatley

Groom, TX

Our farming operation over time has changed more into trying to do more with less. Having the chemistry in our toolbox now where we can plant igrowth® sorghum and it uses less water, uses less fertilizer, with the IMIFLEX herbicide that we can now spray it and combat grass and broadleaf weeds — it’s a game changer.
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